Toast Sandwich: The Cheapest Lunch on The Planet?

Toast Sandwich: The Cheapest Lunch on The Planet?

Is the Toast Sandwich really the cheapest lunch on the planet or do you know of a cheaper light meal? I don’t but I offer you a gourmet version of the toast sandwich …

We can be sure times are hard when  BBC  Television is promoting the toast sandwich as a healthy and nourishing meal for lunch. For myself, I would be more inclined to serve a toast sandwich for breakfast but that is a matter of taste.

A report on the BBC website informs us Britain’s cheapest lunchtime meal, first documented in the famous Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook was recreated by food scientists on Wednesday this week.

The RSC - whose motto might be “If music be the food of love, the toast sandwich is Shaddupa you face” if they are anything to do with the Royal Shakespeare Company but who just as easily might be the Royal Society of Chemistry ) is reviving the Victorian dish, which consists of two slices of bread around a slice of toast. I would personalise the recipe by substituting a couple of slices of grilled bacon for the toast.

The society is so confident in its promotion cannot be beaten on cost, it will offer £200 to anyone who can create a cheaper alternative to the costing 7.5 pence a portion meal.

Well we’re not cheapskates at in our house so we propose a gourmet version of the toast sandwich, the fried slice sandwich. Melt a knob of lard, cooking grease or butter or heat some olive oil in a frying pan. Take a slice of bread and dip it in the hot fat so both sides are coated.

Now drop it into the the pan and fry gently. When one side is golden brown, turn the bread and repeat the process on the other side.

When both sides of your fried slice are evenly cooked, carefully lift it from the pan, place on a slice of unbuttered bread and put another slice on top on top. Eat while hot.

This dish is best cooked using the Bog Butter my dear old Mum used to collect when we were kids but the Thought Police have warned me the Blog will be closed down if I mention such politically incorrect things, so I won’t.

Toast and dripping:
You need a slice of bread, a little beef or pork dripping, dripping, a pinch of salt. Toast the bread on both sides and while it is hot spread with dripping on one side and sprinkle with a little salt. Serving suggestion: Get your gob round it while it’s hot.

Butter a slice of bread and cut or tear into small sections. Heat some semi skimmed milk until warm but not too hot to put in the mouth. Place the buttered bread into the milk and soak until it becomes an ‘orrible sloppy mess. Add sugar to taste.

Sugar Butties:
Butter two slices of bread, sprinkle the buttered side of one with sugar and put the other on top.

Hat tip to Mrs T for remembering two of these and also Condensed Milk sandwiches which we did not include as you have to buy Nestle’s Condensed Milk

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